Jesse James working on custom chopper for Airstream

February 7, 2008

I finally found a good companion vehicle for our 27ft Overlander:

Radial Hell

From the press release at Autoblog

“San Francisco, 28 January 2008 – World-renowned custom bike builder Jesse James has announced that his newest creation, a glistening aluminum-clad motorcycle and sidecar combo for client Airstream will make its first public debut at the Legend of the Motorcycle Concours on May 3rd…”

Now in this case I completely understand that a bike like this is more of a concept bike than anything else. In my opinion, it must be difficult for a custom creator like Jesse to find inspiration, especially since the masses probably have an appetite for only so many skull and crossbones/green slime/blood and guts/heavy metal/hot chick montage vehicles. At least, the parks that we have been to with the kids 🙂

I applaud the creativity that a designer like Jesse has. And I also like the fact that, like so many other designers across the decades, he was able to draw upon the ideas of Wally and the Airstream heritage. Now, if only they would tell us when this bike is going into production…

2 Responses to “Jesse James working on custom chopper for Airstream”

  1. Gadget Says:

    Cool bike! Goes with Airstreams well.

  2. Tin Can Says:

    Wow that really is a different looking bike! I’m not really sure if I even like it.

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