Camping across the US and Canada in our 1972 27′ Airstream Overlander trailer. We have had a lot of fun taking the Airstream out for short trips, and this online record will help us document our travels for all to see.

The entire topic of Airstream camping in our family stems from a discussion regarding what my wife and I wanted to do over the next couple of summers. We went through the usual vacation discussions, including trips abroad and cottaging in the Muskokas. But what was most interesting to us was the idea of camping throughout Ontario with our small children. We both have fond memories of the outdoors when we were kids, and share the idea that it is something that all children should have the chance to experience. Like hockey and Snakes & Ladders.

So, we started with the idea of tenting. Too lightweight, difficult in the rain.

Next was popup trailering. Semi-strong, not a lot of functionality.

Then, travel trailering. Now we were getting into the right area. Originally we were looking at the typical manufacturer’s white boxes, with the discussion shifting from one SOB to another based on an article we saw or a discussion with a friend.

Then we discovered Airstreams. And I caught Aluminitus. Unfortunately, since we bought the Airstream we haven’t looked back. I am not sure if this is curable.

You can also read more about me at my personal blog, which is at Michael Lang’s Blog.

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